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The Health Promotion and Communication Service (HPCS) being the frontline office of the Department of Health (DOH) that performs the core function in providing policies, standards, and guidelines on health promotion and protection to direct local government units, non-government organizations, other private organizations and individual members of society on their health promotion programs and strategies with ultimate goal of preventing or protecting people from getting sick. It is divided to two divisions: Media and External Relations Division (MERD); and Communication and Multimedia Development Division (CMDD). HPCS promotes and protects health and wellbeing through policy advocacy, social mobilization, partnerships and public information in various settings such as schools, workplaces, communities and health facilities. HPCS creates health messages that are health promoting, health protecting and even life-saving in a simple and understandable language. This role becomes more critical in times of disasters, emergencies and disease outbreaks.


Authority in all health promotion initiatives including those implemented by other government agencies, non-government agencies, professional organizations, development partners, business sectors, academe, educational institutions, civil society organizations and other stakeholders. The Health Promotion and Communication Service (HPCS) would be responsible for developing policies, plans, programs, projects and strategies on health promotion, projects and strategies on health promotion, education, communication and social mobilization. (E.O. 366 Rationalization Plan of the Department of Health)


Ensure evidence-based health promotion policies, standards, systems, strategies and communication packages to empower every Filipinos to take charge of their health


Increase in the number of people practicing healthy behavior for the desired outcomes of PHA

1. Take the lead in attaining better health outcomes of Filipinos by:

a. Promoting healthy lifestyle and practices, healthy populations and healthy settings

b. Promoting the prevention, control and mitigation from triple burden of diseases

2. Take the lead in achieving the financial risk protection of Filipinos by:

a. Advocating the sustainability of PHIC

b. Advocating the increase in benefit of Philhealth package

c. Promoting the increase in availment/ utilization

3. Take the lead in ensuring the responsiveness of the health services to all Filipinos by:

a. Advocating the increased availability and quality of facilities, equipment and commodities

b. Promoting the increase of HRH knowledge, skills and behavior consistent with cultural practices

c. Promote leadership and good governance for health


1. Development and implementation of Health Promotion and Communication policies and plans
2. Health Promotion Events
3. IEC Print and Production; Quad Media
4. Capability Training